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Quotes of the Day

  • "A poem is no place for an idea." -- Edgar Watson Howe
  • "I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." -- E. B. White
  • "Bureaucrats write memoranda both because they appear to be busy when they are writing and because the memos, once written, immediately become proof that they were busy." -- Charles Peters
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    Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
  • 'Gut-wrenching' decision: Search for teens suspended

  • Pacific trade ministers fail to reach deal in Hawaii talks

  • Clinton releases tax, health records on busy Friday

  • Mexican judge suspends U.S. extradition order for fugitive 'Chapo' Guzman

  • Exclusive: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers

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    Motivational Quotes of the Day

  • "Everything is a drug. Family, art, causes, new shoes... We're all just tweaking our chem to avoid the void." -- Joss Whedon
  • "You can see into the future if you have a basic understanding of how people are likely to act." -- John Green
  • "You don�t have to specialize - do everything that you love and then, at some time, the future will come together for you in some form." -- Francis Ford Coppola
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